Monday, July 21, 2008

Lovin' on the cousins

Jake and Lydia (my brother Dan's kids) spent the week with my mom and dad while Gwen had her iodine treatment and had to be isolated from the world. We really wanted to have the kids for a day, and so they came over early Thursday morning. We kept them busy with a trip to the park...

swimming in the neighbors' pool, reading lots of books, a baseball game (actually wiffle ball), and at the end of a very active and HOT day, we decided that ice cream was in order.

They all still had enough energy in them after bathtime to watch Ratatouille. Mark set up a little theater in Tooleys' guest bedroom by using our projector to shoot the image on one of the walls. The kids all curled up on the bed and settled in to watch the show. Joel and Lydia's heads barely hit the pillows when they finally went to bed before they were sound asleep. Jack and Jake, however, still needed some bonding time so they talked for a bit before they were OUT.

It was a long but happy day (at least it was for me)!!