Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Belated Birthday Party

Mom's birthday was July 2nd, but it wasn't possible for us to celebrate together being that Mom and Dad were in Dayton with Dan and Gwen on that day. So Saturday we had a little bash for her. We had planned to have a picnic that afternoon, but due to rain we opted to stay indoors (chez Rich and Aracely). It was a lovely time together. We ate...
sang Happy Birthday and had cake.
The littlest ones played dress-up and the biggest ones talked and laughed.
Grandpa did his most famous "pair o' shoes" over and over and over with the kids.
And the party ended with the girls taking a little shopping trip so Mom could pick out a couple of things. She looked beautiful in her new duds (too bad I don't have a picture of that!)