Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a zoo!

Tuesday morning, Aunt Aracely and Cousin Noelani picked Jack, Joel, and me up and took us to the Indianapolis Zoo. The kids had a wonderful time! It was a super hot day, but fortunately the zoo has a splash park. Everyone got cooled off after lunch by running around in the fountains, everyone, that is, except me.
Jack getting cooled off.
Joel trying to get a better look at a giraffe.
I was particularly fascinated by the giraffes too this day. They were very elegant and interesting.
This little guy was trying to get his dad to share some grass with no avail.
Somebody just came from the beauty salon.
Joel and Noelani needed to wash their hands (a lot).
Why are sweaty little boys so cute??
Thanks, Aracely and Noelani for the fun day!