Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A weekend in Dayton

We had a meeting scheduled at Washinton Heights Baptist Church in Dayton so we drove over there Saturday afternoon and crashed and my brother Dan's place. We always have such a fun time there. Jack and Jake are just 10 months apart, so each time they see each other, they seem to have more fun than the last time. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures of them playing together. Nor did I think to get a shot of the whole gang. We ate supper outside, played corn hole (throwing the bean bags into holes cut into boards), drank coffee, talked, read LOTS of books, and all those good things families do together. On Sunday we went to church (Mark and I spoke in two ABFs), ate at Arby's, had a couple of hours of rest time for everyone, and then took a walk to the Green so the kids could play in the fountains. That night we watched a Walk in the Word James McDonald DVD on "The Way God Works" and laughed together at some funny stuff on Youtube.
Sam playing Corn Hole. Dan made this one. I think he did a very nice job! Notice the beanbags are made with Colts' fabric.
Dan and Claire
Joel showing his tiredness and strong will when I told him it was time to go in for a bath. (Codi, this one's for you).

It was such a nice time (except, of course, for the melt-down moments), and it went by way too fast. We left Monday morning to come back here to Indy.

4th of July celebrations on the 5th

We had been invited to Mark's uncle's place (near Bargersville) for a cookout out by their lake for the 4th of July. But Friday morning it was raining cats and dogs, so they postponed the party until the next day. Uncle Walt and Aunt Debbie own a nursery called Morningside Gardens where they specialize in Day Lilies. They were absolutely gorgeous!
Here are the boy cousins (Mark's parents have 4 kids and 5 grandkids and ALL of them are boys!) enjoying the golf cart.
Mark caught this bluegill. He described that catch to my dad later that day, and then much to all of our amusement, corrected his estimate when he actually saw the picture on the camera.
It was a boy's paradise.

Jack wanted to catch a fish in the worst way. Mark said he would wait for the fish to bite and then hook him for him and then Jack could reel him in. And Jack said, "But Dad, that's not me catching a fish. That's you catching a fish." Mark couldn't argue with that.

The food was incredible--ham that had cooked slowly for hours on the grill, homemade bread, red beans and rice, potato salad, and tons of other good stuff.

It was hard to leave there, but we were expected at Dan and Gwen's that evening for supper. My parents were there too, so we didn't want to miss THAT party!