Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Next stop: Mansfield, OH

Tuesday we drove from New York to Mansfield, OH where my college roommate lives with her husband and three girls. We had a wonderful two days with them. One of days was spent at her mom and dad's home about 15 minutes away. Her two sisters and their families were there too, so it was a great reunion.
Joel loved the John Deer truck!
Heather's parents have a beautiful home with lots of acres...and a pool. So it was the perfect place for 8 crazy kids to play.

Heather works at the YWCA gym as a fitness instructor so late one night (maybe 11:00) she and I went over there to work out together. We had a great workout (and a lot of fun). When we got home, well past midnight, we weren't a bit tired after the rigorous exercise, so we put The Painted Veil (and I'll give another plug for one of my favorite movies of all time) on the laptop (because neither of us know how to work a DVD player, I guess) and ate yogurt and popcorn. We didn't make it all the way through the movie, however, and had to finish the next day.

The kids had a wonderful time together (esp. Gabby and Sam who are the same age and seem to get along like best friends do). Our Jack and their Jillian are the same age too (and both are redheads) but they don't have the same interests so I didn't see them together as much.

We were so blessed to have spent this short time with our dear friends. Why do fun times go by so quickly??

First Stop: Buffalo, NY

We were on the road by 4:30 a.m. and drove without incident to Buffalo, NY. We had such a great time there last year, that we decided to repeat the events. We arrived Saturday afternoon, ate supper at Pizza Hut, and then took the kids to a playground to get out some of the energy they had kept pent up during the trip.

I slept very well the night. Mark dropped us off back at the hotel. He had seen a Barnes and Noble and was practically drooling, so I suggested he go have some fun alone while I got the kids cleaned up and put in bed. When I finally got everyone settled, I decided to lay down for a bit too so that it would be as quiet as possible for the boys. I conked out fast. In fact, Mark could not even rouse me to come unlock the hotel door for which he had forgotten to take his key. Ten minutes of knocking later, he decided to go to the front desk and get a copy. I'm a deep sleeper, but that was ridiculous! Sunday morning we got up and went to the Chapel at Crosspoint. Last year we visited this church and have been listening online to their pastor, Jerry Gillis, almost every Sunday night since. It was really fun to be there, especially since we feel like we practically go to church there.

After a quick lunch back at the hotel, we headed off to Niagara Falls. This year we opted to take a tour of the falls from the decks that have been built right beside the falls. And we might have gotten a little wetter than we did last year when we rode the Maid of the Mist.

They gave us these very stylish sandals to wear so we wouldn't ruin our own shoes. I was happy to see that now you can donate these sandals to people in 3rd world countries instead of throwing them away when you leave.

After a long day, we were looking forward to eating subs at Dibella's. These are the most incredibly delicious sandwiches ever!

We had an awesome time in New York! But all good things come to an end, and so Tuesday we left to continue on with our travels.