Saturday, June 21, 2008


Just a few thoughts here before we leave Quebec for the WHOLE summer. It's midnight and I'm still up packing, cleaning, drinking coffee, noticing dust and grime, and remembering little details that need to be wrapped up or taken care of before we head out the door at 4 in the morning. I'm so tired, though, that I needed to sit down and take a bread for a bit. Despite all my planning and good intentions of not doing exactly what I'm doing--cleaning and packing with just 4 hours to go til we depart--here I am. I think it is because no matter how you plan, things don't go how you think they will. Like, we had absolutely NO idea that we would be entertaining guests (dinner and lots of coversation) in our home two evenings in a row this week. And how could we have known that dear friends would show up at the door to say good-bye (at 10:00 pm), not notice that you still have loads to do, and then stay for an hour or so chatting? It was a nice break so I'm not really complaining. It's just that it wasn't on the schedule.

The kids have been so excited for our trip the last couple of days. Sam, for one, has difficulty concentrating on anything for more than a minute. He's really been helping a lot to get us ready to leave, but emptying the dishwasher turns into a half-hour job when he leaves the kitchen every minute or so to come tell me something or to go open the front door just to see what's going on in the world.

Jack's been so tired lately from the crazy mixed-up week that we've had, that he seems always on the verge of tears. And he's so S-L-O-W.

Joel doesn't really get any of this hub-bub and gets irritated if something we talk about happening in the future, doesn't happen in the next 5 minutes. There have been a lot of tears from HIS eyes too this week.

I haven't cried yet, but I've wanted to.

Mark has been my rock this week--just going with the flow, encouraging me when I've needed a little boost, and doing LOTS of tasks that I'm sure he didn't see the need for doing (like making muffins for our trip and de-cobwebbing the whole house) but did because they were on my list.

Next entry will be from Buffalo, New York. I'm off to do one last load of laundry!!