Friday, June 6, 2008

On Jack

Jack is NOT a morning guy! He has a hard time waking up, and then is usually pretty slow to get going. If we can find something to laugh about right away, it seems to help. This morning it was his bedhead. He looks like he is ready to walk out the door (what with his backpack and all), but I think he had just grabbed his stuff on the way downstairs for breakfast. A little water and a brush got him more presentable.
One Sunday afternoon we all (except Sam) went for a walk to the grocery store (3 miles round trip) and Jack decided to go on his scooter. He had a couple mishaps, but he kept going.
Here is Jack at school (his friend Sofiane in the background). He presented his project on the planets for the open house. He was so proud.

Jack would appear at times to be a shy guy, but when he wants to know something, his curiosity and need to discover overpower his embarrassment. The other day at church (he was on the front row), our teammate, Tim, made a comment about God being a jealous God. Jack with absolutely no hesitancy blurted out loud, "How can God be jealous?" I love that about him.
I believe that this particular day was the day when reading became important for Jack. Up until then, it was more of a chore and a duty. We bought him this space book (en fran├žais) at a book fair (Le Salon du Livre--once a year happening here in the Quebec City). He read to us all the way home and then spent time poring over the pages when we got home. I think we found one of his passions (science). Ever since, he's been very eager to read, looking forward to bedtime when he can read more in his chapter book (which is in English, by the way) by the light of his little bed lamp.

We're all pretty fond of our redhead!

On Joel

Joel's been gardening with me lately. He sure is fun to watch because he takes such pleasure in the digging, the discussing what we are doing, and the "gear".

He's so serious about singing. The little "rock" faces that he makes cracks everyone up but him. To him it is not a joking matter.

This evening we were out planting some impatiens and he began singing, "There is a woman in Ohio." I couldn't think why he would be singing those words when I remembered that that morning we had been listening to Sade in the car. She has a song that goes, "There is a woman in Somalia." That's pretty funny, but the song isn't. It's really a great song and you can hear it here.

This is the life!

This boy can really enjoy his food.
He had a little difficulty getting his coat on right. He didn't ask for help and was perfectly content with his results! (In case you can't tell, it's upside down)