Friday, May 16, 2008

On Sam

Sam saw an idea in his National Geographic Kids that he wanted to try. We worked on it together and...
this is what we got. A case for his MP3 player.
One night Sam made dinner for us. I thought that he would get tired of it somewhere in the middle and vanish, but he actually insisted I go relax while he did it all. He was very cute. He did not want me to give him a hand even with getting everything on the table. The baked chicken fingers were a big hit with everyone. It was the first time we had tried this recipe; it was not the last time. I think we've made them 3 or 4 more times since.
Sam and his good buddy, Simon, had a newscast project for school. One afternoon while they were together practicing, I tried out some publicity shots for them. They didn`t use any.
He`s really growing up. I love watching his progress, watching him pick friends for their loyalty and not for their popularity, watching him make good decisions, watching him take initiative, watching him admit his mistakes. He`s a joy!