Monday, April 28, 2008

A little story

Last Sunday afternoon after the kids had had their obligatory rest period, I asked the big boys to go for a walk with me. We needed a couple things from the store to make our Sunday night pizzas, and since it was a warm, relatively sunny day, we made the errand into more like a little nature outing and chose a store situated about a mile and a half from our home.

Joel might have come along but he was busy digging out his lawnmower that had been buried months ago and no one knew where (how did we miss getting it into the shed before the first big storm?) I advised the boys to wear junky clothes and old shoes as I knew with all the melting snow there was certain to be puddles. And I knew there might be some venturing off the yellow brick road say, into the woods or the like.
Sam either didn't hear me or he thought donning his Heelys would facilitate the long walk. Anyway, he didn't do what I told him. And when we got here, he was not about to wreck his favorite footwear. He back-tracked and took a different route while Jack and I jumped and sloshed our way through the 3-inches of water.

Notice he did obey when it came to putting on grubby pants.

Okay, finally on dry ground and even passing us.We were having such a great time laughing, noticing, singing. I knew it would go down in my book as one of my more memorable moments with the boys.

See that little lake up ahead on the right?

It was where we stopped to take some pictures, pretend to throw each other in, comment on the depth of the water, notice a bag floating there.

And then I got caught up in the symmetry of this monstrous fixture, snapped a few pics, and put my camera away.
Shoot, I have very bad timing. What the kids were doing while I was putting my camera safely in its bag, was deciding maybe it would be fun to walk out on that peninsula of snow and ice jutting into that mega-puddle. And then the funniest thing I have seen in a long time happened. The snow under Sam gave way and faster than you can say Jack Robinson he was waist-deep in that icy water. And just about as quick he was out of it, muttering and mumbling, mad about getting soaked, and ripping off his shoes and sweatshirt.
For some reason I still can't fully explain, this scenario struck me as hilarious. Maybe it was that Sam doesn't usually take risks. Maybe it was that he rarely is dirty or messy. Maybe it's that he had just spent a great deal of effort avoiding a few puddles to keep his toes dry. Maybe it was the look of shock mixed with chagrin on his face. I don't know, but instead of comforting or thinking of the next step to take, I laughed. And laughed. I would get nice for a couple seconds when I saw his dismay, and then it would strike me again. Jack laughed too, but I knew I had crossed the line when even he told me to stop.
Whew, okay. I got myself under control and realized he must be freezing and that our walk had indeed come to an end. We walked the few feet to the phone booth on the corner to call Dad.
It was so cute to see him explaining his plight.
Here Jack got tickled again as he heard him recount the experience. And then as we waited the 10 minutes for Mark and Joel to meet us with dry clothes and a towel, Sam became a miserable frozen popsicle. He shivered and shook and urged Mark to arrive.
When we got home, he ran upstairs to get a long hot shower and I started the preparations for our pizza with a smile still on my face.
And just so you know, he's laughing about it now too--now that it's over. And he gave me permission to put this out there for all to read.

I'm a believer

This little amazingly-built nest survived some 10 snow-storms this winter.

After living here for 7 years, I no longer inwardly dismiss the effects that ample sunlight has on one's psyche. Oh, it's just an excuse, I'd say to myself when people told me about their tendancies to experience depression in the winter months. After all, there are plenty of sunny days here even in the winter.

But this year, as soon as the weather changed and the snow started to melt, I woke up! I've spent so much time outside walking, running, playing with the boys, hanging out the clothes, washing windows, etc. I really feel alive and better. Better, like maybe I had been sick or just running on 3 cylinders.

I love winter and all the snow. But my body is very thankful for the warmer days and that the browns and greys are changing to greens and blues.

And just for your information: a nurse friend of mine told me vitamin D plays a role in the prevention of colon, prostate, and breast cancers. She recommends taking a supplement. Check this out for more on that.