Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Bits...

Of veggies
We were over at some friends' for dinner the other night. There were chips and a little bowl of this stuff sitting out when we came in. I tried some. And oh my! it was heavenly. I raved, and embarrassingly enough for me, they gave me my very own jar (as much as I tried to protest).

A couple weeks later this very same friend called me from Costco (I don't have a membership and it seems that everyone knows it). She wanted to know if I wanted another jar of this amazing stuff. Sure, I said, and then asked how much it would be thinking that maybe I'd have her get me a couple. I thought she said $8, but then I knew I was wrong and would just ask again when she delivered it. NO, I WAS NOT WRONG!! What?? $8!! for a 33-ounce jar of vegetables (and other stuff)?

All I could think about as I forked over the $8 was this: I'm glad I didn't ask her to get me a CASE of it! Oh and this too: weren't they generous to give me this gold-in-a-jar when I gushed about it over at their house??
Of eyelashes
I am already eyelash-handicapped with sparseness I've rarely seen in others. Not only that, but they stick straight out. So, I curl them (or try to). My eyelash curler wore out awhile back, so last week I splurged and bought what I thought looked like a new and improved one, sure to make my lashes curl beautifully (if only for a minute or two). Even as I write this, I can't believe what happened yesterday. That eyelash curler just chopped my eyelashes right off. Now isn't that dandy! In the center of each eye, I have 10-12 lashes that look like they got too close to a weed-eater. I looked it up. They grow back. In a month.

Note: there will NOT be pictures of the eyelash chop, so don't ask.
Of Joel
He was a dog yesterday--barking, crawling on all fours, and asking for me to pet him.
Of yum!!
I've been making my own salsa. It's cheaper (by far) and maybe tastier than the grocery store brands. I don't make it from fresh tomatoes (remember when we did that, Simone?) or it would not be a savings (at this time of the year). I just plop a can of diced tomatoes in a saucepan and start cooking them on medium high. While they cook, I chop up onions, garlic, and fresh cilantro. I throw that all in with the tomatoes and add chili powder, salt, dash of sugar (or Splenda), and any other spice I feel like adding to the mix. I simmer all this for 20-30 minutes, and voila...homemade salsa. Everyone in the family loves it!

So grateful

As long as we've lived here, I've wanted a bigger table. It was so difficult to entertain with the limited space we had around our other old, but very loved one. A couple years ago, a friend and I were talking about the ideal table. We looked at examples online, and dreamed of the perfect one. She told me that when she bought a new one, she would give me her old one. That'd be great, I said, not thinking that it would ever happen.

Well, it happened. They just bought a new square table and called us up to see when we could come and get their old one. This one can seat up to 12 people, so I just can't believe my eyes when I walk past.
There were a couple of adjustments to be made. First of all, it wouldn't fit in the space without a lot of rearranging, but we changed the layout of the living room and moved a couple pieces out completely. Now there is room when the leaf is in (pictured above) and when we get the new rails in the mail (soon, I hope) we will be able to repair the damage it received when a couple goofy girls decided to dance on the top of it several years back. Being able to adjust it will make it more manageable for every day.

And now for the second "problem". I'm not used to having such a beautiful table. I'm so nervous about putting scratches in it or denting the surface. And now that the living room is rearranged, the kids can't play mini-hockey in there like they could before. There is plenty of space now in the dining room for a game if we move the table to the side. But look how I babied it. No way are those beautiful legs getting a hockey stick whacked into them.

Anyway, we are grateful for it. It'll just take some getting used to. I can't wait to have my first guests over for a dinner party. Wanna come??