Thursday, April 10, 2008

Always crackin' me up

I say things like this a lot: "Jack, did you know you are my favorite red-head?" and "Sam, you are my favorite 5th grader," and "Joel, did you know that you are my favorite little boy?".

So he really got a laugh out of me yesterday when he said, "Mom, did you know that I'm your favorite little boy?"

Signs that spring is coming to the North

Joel played on his bicycle for about 2 1/2 hours yesterday in a little space that Mark cleared for him

  1. The appearance of several kinds of birds
  2. The appearance of a few items (like Joel's little snow shovel) we left outside and were buried some 3 or 4 snow storms ago.
  3. The kids have (probably prematurely) traded in their big heavy winter coats for some lighter version.
  4. The days are longer.
  5. A few rare sightings of grass (mostly on the medians)
  6. Sam says flies have been buzzing around him and bugging him (hmmm??)
  7. Mark and I have both been out running this week.
  8. The plastic covering our drafty windows came down this week.
  9. The sidewalks are not only free of snow, they are dry.
  10. The general public is in better spirits, actually smiling, and sometimes even speaking as they pass each other on the street.