Saturday, April 5, 2008

In trouble

We got in trouble yesterday.

What is it about a reprimand that just brings out the kid in me? Maybe it's because I consider myself a law-abiding citizen who tries to be honest, responsible, neighborly, conscientious, and all that kind of stuff. I mean, I'm really trying. I'm not a slacker or a weirdo (I'm sure this could be up for debate). So when we got this slap on the wrist from Canada Post, I maybe acted a little like I did when I was maybe 14, never feeling like the rebuke was warranted especially for the goody two-shoes that I usually was.
Here's the reprimand, in the form of a post-it note. You might think it's nothing but a reminder (there's even a cute little play-on-words) written in two languages and pictures included in case we aren't smart enough to figure out what it means. But I took it as a scolding--like I need someone to tell me that I'm not responsible and that I neglect my home and endanger my friends, family, and my postman.

And here's where I acted like a kid. I wondered if any other neighbors had received the same thing. I mean we all have the same weather and I would guess we all have the same 3 inches of stubborn ice coating our steps. I looked too. And then I got to work (while the boys and Mark were running errands) wondering how they did it. I never saw them pouring boiling water on their walks or chopping furiously with their snow shovels. Maybe when the 10-foot drifts of snow between our homes melt, and I can see them in their yards, I'll ask them about it. Maybe.
I chopped, and hit, and kicked that ice. And then I spent what seemed like an hour carrying trashcans full of the hottest water I could get out of the tap and pouring it over the steps. Then I chopped and hit and kicked some more.

And then I stood back and admired the results of my hard work. I patted myself on the back, dug through the trash to find the little yellow demerit so I could write about it, and went inside to finish dinner.

I'm childishly hoping the mailman will leave me a "good job" note the next time he comes.