Monday, March 31, 2008


I have some stories and events to record that are very unrelated. I thought maybe I could creatively link them all together in some way, but I don't seem to have the patience today to wait for a bright, here are some bits and pieces of our last week that I did not want to forget.
Our friend, Caroline, was married in BC a couple weeks ago. They had a reception here in Quebec last Friday night. She asked me to take some pictures for her. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I had a fun time anyway. I hope there are several that she likes out of the 700+ I snapped.
For Easter, we made up a little treasure hunt for Sam and Jack with questions that took some reflection in order to find the answer and the next clue. The "treasure" was a little bag of goodies (candy, paper, pens, and a street hockey ball)
We hid some candy around the living and dining room for Joel. He was pretty groggy from his afternoon nap, but he still managed to find most everything and was perky enough to want to eat it all.
Jack's been so funny lately.

Saturday morning we were listening to a sermon together while eating pancakes. The teacher said something about a gazelle (piece of exercise equipment). Jack asked what that was. Mark said he didn't know, and I said that I thought it was something like an elliptical machine. Jack said, "Finally Mom knows something that Dad doesn't know!" Mmmm, maybe I shouldn't have shared that one. Makes me look bad, after all. Well, who cares; it was pretty funny.

Later that same day, Jack was under the table picking up remains from supper that wouldn't be sucked up by the vacuum. He said, "I don't feel so good. I think I have the flu." There was a brief period of silence and then he said, "Maybe this is just grossing me out!"

This is a common scene around here, only this time Joel was actually included in the game. Normally the others just make him think that he is participating (or he plays his own game right beside them). He was DELIGHTED!
Sunday morning: Joel listening with intensity to the music team's practice. I just love his hands here and the look on his face.
Anything is a guitar around here, even a badminton racket.
Also last weekend: When Joel went down for a nap, I told the big boys that they could each decide what we would do together for an hour.

The first hour was Jack's. He chose for us to play Blub for 6 minutes (the time limit really struck me as funny) and then we had an Madden NFL tournament. Now, I have never played this computer game, nor did I ever have a desire to. The boys shoved the control in my hand and gave me next to nothing as far as explanation about how to play. And then they laughed their heads off at my lack of ability, poor decision-making, and my questions. It wasn't nearly as funny to me.

The second hour was mine. I read to them for half an hour from A Cricket in Time's Square and then we each read silently together on the couch for another half and hour (can you tell that I was tired?)

For Sam's hour, we played Blub for 15 minutes and then Grandson for the rest of the time.

The kids wanted to make cookies, so I let them find their own recipe for Oatmeal cookies. They were excited about the 5-star recipe they found online. They walked to the store (20 minutes there and back) for the two ingredients we didn't have on hand, and then they got to work.
They did a good job following directions. Joel sat like this and watched at the counter, just waiting for a warm cookie from the oven.
The boys had a war with their soldiers and marbles and books from my shelf. I love seeing their imaginations at work.

Mark and I planned a special weekend for our anniversary, only instead of getting away somewhere alone like we usually do, we asked our friends to take the kids to their house, and we stayed home. We had a surprise in mind for the kids, and spent almost the whole time re-doing their rooms. We painted, made curtains, and got new bedding. It was such a nice time for us to spend together doing a big project without interruptions or stopping to fix a meal or give baths, etc. We listened to music and sermons, working fast and furiously. We had time, however, for a little relaxation and some take-out pizza. It reminded us of the time in our marriage before kids when we would work on our house together.
This is Sam's new place. Tan walls, navy blue comforter, and a curtain I whipped up from left-over dress fabric from a wedding I was in. Now he has a neutral background for all his Colts' stuff that will find itself in there.
Jack and Joel's room is now sky-blue with red accents.

They were all surprised and thankful. And Mark and I are glad and tired!!