Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fifteen years

Ago today, I waited for you to begin a new life
A life no longer alone, no longer just myself
I waited without doubts which had all withered away
With the passing of the months we’d spent together

I waited with anticipation of the life where two would become one
Not knowing how it would happen, naturally or with great struggle,
Just knowing that whatever the price necessary, I was willing to pay it
Because the struggle with you would always be better than a life without you

I waited with the hope of making a difference in our world
A difference that goes so much further than the American dream
We had our own dream that brought us together with a common purpose
A dream that God would make our lives about more than possessions or riches

I waited with a joy I would never have alone
A joy that is defined by the very fact that it is shared
It’s a joy that God has brought into my life a true friend
A friend who loves me too much to not challenge me to grow

And fifteen years later, I’m no longer waiting- I’m living
The life I’d hoped for is more than I’d first dreamed
It’s not a new life but a shared life
A life where two have become one, where the dream becomes a reality, and where the joy still shines bright, even in the darkness.


Happy Birthday, Noelani

Noelani, Happy Birthday from Quebec. We hope you had a great day yesterday. You are a very special girl to us and we are so glad to be a part of your life. Have a wonderful year! When we see you in a couple months, maybe we can celebrate all the birthdays that we missed.

Have a fun party on Saturday.

Love, Aunt Jill, Uncle Mark, Sam, Jack, and Joel