Monday, March 24, 2008


Here I sit wondering how it is that our baby turned 3 today. Our little guitar-strumming, song-loving, book-consuming, beautiful boy. Don't know how it happened, all that time passing so quickly before our eyes.

The day will be remembered by all in the family as the day of the great bed switcheroo. We've told Joel for several months now that when he turned 3 he would sleep in a big bed in Jack's room and that Sam would take Joel's old room for his own. "I'm exciting," he would say, probably not truly understanding what this would all mean for him. No one was more excited though, than Sam. He could NOT wait to have his own private space and often tried to convince us to move up the date. Although it took a little longer for everyone to fall asleep in their new spaces (Jack has now taken big brother role by moving to the top bunk), I think it's a win-win situation for all involved
We were invited to our friends' house for supper so we had a birthday lunch (tacos), and birthday cake was our afternoon snack with another family who stopped by to wish Joel a happy one.
We gave him a little cooking set as he is really into playing kitchen. What a great idea (thanks, Mark)! He played for a very LONG time with that.
Look Joel is big enough to sit on the top of the lamppost. Well, big enough when there is 15 feet of snow on the ground and Dad can lift him up there!

I don't' know where the time went, but I know I've loved my last 3 years more than the ones before it because of Joel being in them.