Thursday, March 20, 2008

We celebrated spring!

It was the first day of spring! So here's what we did to welcome it! First we all traipsed off to the kids' school to have a little conference with Sam's teacher. She just started with his class a few weeks ago when his first teacher left on maternity leave. We wanted to get acquainted with her.
When we came back, Sam and Jack and I played Grandson (I won, but not easily).
After lunch we went out to play. It was snowing beautiful big chunky snowflakes which made it all the more fun. We slid and climbed and fell. Delightful!

And then, of course, we had to come in for hot chocolate.
And get warm. Joel thought he needed to put two sweatshirts on.

Then we each did an observational drawing of Jack's guitar together. This proved to be our most difficult object that we've chosen. I guess the symmetry was the challenging part. Anyway, we were all kind of poking fun at our own drawings when Mark came up from the office. He looked them all over and said that Jack's guitar looked like Paul McCartney's bass. Without much of a pause Jack quipped, "Paul McCartney's bass must be ugly then." And even though I'm trying to help the kids to become confident little artists, and I don't want to hear negative commentary about the results, I had to laugh.
After our drawing lesson, Mark read Artemis Fowl to the boys, and I worked on my red chair (which is almost done, by the way). For supper Mark made Chicken Curry which is fast becoming our family's favorite meal (I hope we won't ever get tired of it).

Then after baths and our nighttime routine, Mark put Joel to bed, and the rest of us watched Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation (a Jimmy Stewart movie from 1962)
this is my clothesline as seen from the kitchen window

It was the first day of spring, but it will be a loooong time until the first spring day! It doesn't matter. It is starting to feel normal.


Due to the overwhelming response to my request for your meal suggestions, I now have enough ideas to last me for oh, at meal. I guess the few of you who read this thing aren't cooking or you are just as uninspired as I am.