Sunday, March 2, 2008

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

I've talked before about Jack's irrational fears. He's not nearly as paralyzed by them as he was, but they are definitely still there. Sometimes, not to make light of his concerns, but to help him cope, we laugh and make jokes with him. It seems to help. Tonight we had a ball together making this movie poster. We snorted, giggled, and howled. (Click to enlarge). In case you still can't read it, it says, "Out of the dark came...a flood, leprosy, an earthquake, pneumonia?

He was pretty cute about the whole thing.

The beginning and the end

Of Saturday. I started the day with a documentary called Black Gold about coffee and trade. They boys joined me for most of it. It generated some interesting discussions at breakfast.
And here was our meal at the end of the day--pork tenderloin with carrots on barley, green beans, and diced mango.