Saturday, March 1, 2008

Semaine de relâche

This week was semaine de relâche (week of rest) which meant NO SCHOOL for the kids. Mostly what we did was enjoy not having a routine, and the kids would probably add "not having homework. We did a book purge. This is always hard for me, but it was clear to me that we needed to clean out the kids' books, and give away ones that we don't love or ones that even Joel has outgrown. Although as always happens when I get a "give-away box" ready, those items inside become suddenly the most treasured possessions in our home.
Jack and Joel were pretty creative this week and had a lot of imaginative play.
Jack found a good use for these evil plastic grocery bags by making vests for his brother and a friend who came over to play, though I did notice while looking at this picture that this particular bag is biodegradable.
The boys went ice skating and played hockey almost every day this week. There are two outdoor rinks at a park near our home.

Sam went with me on Wednesday to make my food bank run for the "Y". We were picked last to receive our food, and knew it would be a long wait, so we took Lucie out for breakfast (to celebrate her moving on from the YWCA and getting her own apartment). It was a really nice time. Then when the two carloads of food had been delivered, we went on to Ten Thousand Villages and worked there together until 2:00. Sam was so helpful, and very thankful that I let him come with me. I love that he was not only willing to spend one of his vacation days to do volunteer work, but that he also viewed it as a privilege.
Mark surprised me with these roses on Friday morning. A sweet card with some very nice and personal words accompanied the roses. The back of the card brought gales of laughter. It said, "P.S. I'm sorry I'm using my love language to show you I love you. I wanted something immediate, but I'll also show you with something from your language also."
Joel is being a hot dog here. Simone, it reminds me of when you said to Shawn in your sleep, "Why are you dressing like a cucumber?"
Sam went to spend the night with a friend one night. Mark had a little wrestle with the other two. There was MUCH laughter all around.

It has been a good week!

Black Gold :: eye-opening and touching

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