Saturday, February 23, 2008


"Work is not man's punishment. It is his reward and his strength and his pleasure." George Sand

I really wanted Friday night to be about working together as a family to accomplish some tasks around the house that needed to be done. What a hard sell I was going to have to make to convince the rest of the family that this was a good idea, that it would be a rip-roarin' time and a fabulous way to spend a Friday night.

I don't know if I really did convince anyone about anything BEFORE we started, but by the end of the evening we had finished 9/10 of the list, we were all laughing, and everyone agreed that it had been a lot of fun. Following is the plan that hatched in my brain as I was thinking how I could disguise Work as Play.
  • I asked Mark to make a mix of fun songs and to make every 5th song a Relient K song.
  • I wrote on slips of paper 5 fun activities to be done together as a family whenever a Relient K song came on (only Mark and I knew that they had been evenly distributed in the list of songs)
  • Each time we heard a Relient K song we stopped our jobs, ran up to the kitchen and someone drew a slip of paper from the pile and we followed the directions on the paper.
    • dance to whatever Relient K song is playing
    • run up and down the stairs (we have 3 floors) during the song
    • do a Camp Creek observational drawing together (of a sword)
    • play Blub --game invented by my brother and his friends in elementary school. Whoever gets hit with the towel (or any other chosen object) is Blub (or "it") until the object touches someone else. Great cardio, I might add.
    • eat freshly baked cinnamon bread sticks
What a ball we had! We will definitely do this again!