Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day!!!

I woke up this morning to get ready to do my every other Wednesday food bank run for the YWCA, and saw that it was snowing pretty steadily. I normally have to leave at 7:00, but had decided to leave earlier than that on account of the snow. When I told Mark, he was adamant that I not go. So, he went instead. I don't know what that says exactly--that I have a gallant husband or that I stink as a driver. Maybe it's both!

The really rotten thing was that I decided to check the news and discovered that school had been canceled for the day. Now, normally I would have been doing cartwheels (well, maybe just somersaults) over that news because I really love spending a cuddly day inside together with the kids on snow days. But I was scheduled to work at Ten Thousand Villages today! Shoot! I would missed all the fun. Mark got back from the Y, and I ran out the door to catch the bus to the shop. We didn't have a lot of clients today, but I was pretty productive anyway. I translated a couple documents, entered inventory into the computer, and cleaned the bathroom. Oh yeah, and I squabbled with a man over 6 cents. He didn't understand why there was a tax (Goods and Services Tax) on his dried mangoes. I guess he thought that was something we made up! Usually TTV clients are so sweet and understanding about everything--mistakes, waiting in line, etc., but this guy was irritating.
This is the kids' school playground. It gets plowed. Imagine that!!
My favorite grocery store's parking lot (well, the edge of the parking lot)
In front of our house.
The "island" in our cul-de-sac where the kids spend a lot of time (in the summer)