Saturday, February 9, 2008

Getting some perspective

Last night while talking to my friend, Kennetha (thanks so much for the lovely time, Kennetha) I decided that I must get out and try to capture in pictures just how much snow we have. Because it seems that no one is able to get themselves on up here to visit us these days! I'm not bitter or anything. So the boys and I went out after lunch today to play. It was a very mild day (so taking off my gloves to shoot some pictures was doable) and a perfect one for sliding, jumping, and dreaming.

Jack walking on air
Taking a break to make some snow sculptures
Joel's turn
For those of you who've never been here (remember I'm not bitter about you never coming to visit), we did not need to go searching for a hill to slide down. This is our front yard!!
When Joel got tired of playing (it doesn't take long for him to decide being bundled and unable to move is not particularly fun) the big boys and I took a walk to see what we could see. We climbed up on to the bicycle path (covered now with 3 feet of snow) just a minute or so from our house to look down on the valley. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We had such a lovely time up there looking down at the miniature village below. We wondered aloud to each other why it is so fascinating to see the world this way. We spent a good 15 minutes up there just being together--laughing, yelling (yeah, I promise it was just the boys) to hear our echos, trying to point out things to each other, taking it all in.

Who needs the Children's Museum?

1 bag of black-eyed peas+open dishwasher door+odd assortment of bowls+1 curious boy=1/2 hour of happiness.

And that same day Sam found another face in an unlikely place. Here it is resting comfortably in a tomato.