Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I took the plunge

Mark and I bought a cutie of a blue chair back when we were first married. It had been marked down from something like $250 down to $70. Not only was the price right, we thought it was amazingly comfortable. Unfortunately, the fabric didn't hold up very well (or at least as well as we had expected). When Mom and Dad were here visiting about 5 years ago, Mom wanted to help me make a slipcover for it. I wanted to find red fabric in the worst way, but because we didn't really know if we would succeed in this particular sewing project, we couldn't bring ourselves to purchase anything. That same week I was visiting a friend and told her about our hopes for the chair and our search for inexpensive material. She generously donated some old sheets which we dyed blue (not red because I knew the outcome would be pink). The slipcover was a success, due only to my mother's efforts (I didn't do any thing to contribute but dye the sheets). It has served us well these last few years, but had started to look dingy. I washed it a couple times and the dye faded in some parts. It was looking pretty sad and I knew that I needed to make another one (or have one made), but I was nervous about trying by myself. It just couldn't wait for Mom and Dad's next visit. A friend gave me this gorgeous red fabric this summer that I knew would be perfect to replace the old blue slipcover.
I've thought and thought about how I could pull this off, and every time I decided I wasn't ready to try. This Saturday I knew I just needed to start. The worst that could happen was that I would waste this fabric. Sad, but not that tragic. I just dived in. This is what I have so far. When I sewed the first seam and put it back on the chair to "check" it, I almost fainted because it turned out like I'd imagined it should look. Then I was almost more nervous to keep going thinking I had just "fluked". Anyway, here's what the arms look like. I haven't finished the back, but I'm probably half-way on the project.
We're having people over to watch the Superbowl on Sunday night, so I'm forcing myself to finish by then. I will NOT put that old faded, stained blue slipcover back on. I won't!

I'm going to have a red chair!! Yay!