Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mental health day

I've been feeling sort of out-of-sorts lately. I know that I'm physically tired, but it's more than that. We've had a lot of brain strain recently. Mark noticed (how could he not?) and suggested I take half a day away in peace and solitude.

After spending the morning with a friend from church to work on some ideas for a budding project, I stole away to my favorite coffee shop. I think I maybe have over-stayed my welcome so I'm about to get out of here, but decided to leave a little note here about my "vacation from my problems (What about Bob?)".

It was just what I needed. I cleared my head, planned my strategies, thought a lot, and jotted down many of those thoughts. I'm recharged and ready to get on with life.

Thanks to Mark for knowing I needed this and for being willing to take over for awhile today.