Monday, January 14, 2008

Making space and making stuff

Inspired by a post from Lori, and frustrated by the reasons for which I wasn't allowing the kids to "create" more often, I decided it was time to make a place for it to happen. I know that I don't want to clean up a project or put it away when it is unfinished because the process is interrupted, but I was asking my kids to get the table cleared 3 times a day. That was most definitely discouraging creativity and imagination and I did NOT want to be doing that. So...I overhauled one of our storage rooms on Saturday. It already holds craft and art supplies, but it was also so much more, and there was no place for building or painting or spreading out. It's not done, but it's well on its way to being a place for encouraging this sort of thing. I'm really excited about what this will mean for them.
While I was sorting and tossing and finding new homes for things, I found this great packing material and inspiration struck. I had to make something. Joel loves what we call his "ice sandals" and spent a lot of time on Saturday trudging around the house in these slippers. I'm hoping the new space will have the same effect on everyone, that it will be a place where ideas become a reality, where dinnertime does not dictate the parameters of the project.