Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Monopoly

Look, we all ended up in jail at the same time!
Poor Joel always seems to get left out when it's game time, but last night he didn't care a bit and just played alongside us with his own game.

Special breakfast outing

The two years during Christmas break, we've taken the kids out to breakfast at this fancy little place called Pacini. We thought we were not going to be able to uphold our tradition because of the week of sickness that we endured, but there was one last day of vacation on Monday before the dreaded first day back to school. We took advantage of the fact that everyone was well AND hungry, and slipped in a few minutes before 9:00 in order to get the early bird specials. We can all eat here for about the same amount we would pay at McDonald's.
The breakfast is SO good, and the part that makes it so fun is that there is a bread bar where you can grill your own toast.
So while Mark and I enjoy cup after cup of coffee in an adorable environment, the kids go back to the grill to make their own toast and to pile it high with their choice of jam.

We are glad we didn't miss it this year!!

When we got back from the restaurant, the boys and I cleaned out and organized the game cupboard. Very nice to have this completed. (Sam wanted me to be sure to mention that it was he who put all the games back as you see below. He's very good at this being orderly stuff. I certainly don't know where he got it. Notice I did NOT include a "before" picture because of the embarrassment factor) We rewarded ourselves by playing Monopoly when we were done. We don't really have a place to leave it out, but we have a Ziplock bag system where we write the player's name on the bag and pack away his properties and money. We'll keep playing till someone wins, I guess.