Monday, January 7, 2008

Mount Tourbillon

We did go tubing on Saturday. What a nice change of pace--being outside and doing something active. And spending the day with friends was the best part!!
Sam and Patrick
Francis and Armelle

We went over to Charles and Annie's house which is just 5 minutes from Mt. Tourbillon around 4:00 and spent the afternoon and evening playing cards, talking, and eating. I just love this table. It has a built-in bench on two sides. How else could you fit 10 kids around a table this small. The kids got pizza and then went on down to the basement to play, and the adults had the most scrumptious fondue au fromage ever! Oh, and dessert too, of course.

Charles and Annie's place is really beautiful. When they built it, they put doors all through the house that they had salvaged from an old school that was being torn down. It's a lovely concept and really works well, but I do have to say that they chose the wrong door for the bathroom. Would you be comfortable?? I just don't get it!! I had Mark stand guard for me in the hallway, but no one else ever seems to have the same privacy issues that I have when we go there.

Maybe I'll add some more tomorrow about an interesting conversation we had at dinner.