Sunday, December 30, 2007

How we spent the last week of December

Christmas Eve, we all went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks (in French). After about 45 minutes, Joel could no longer contain himself, being that the movie was filled with singing and performing. He spent most the rest of the time standing up strumming his air guitar and (sometimes) even singing. We were glad that theater wasn't very populated. It was a cute movie for kids.

When we got home we had our traditional Christmas Eve tomato soup (special recipe for the special occasion) and grilled cheese sandwiches. There was also time for reading together and a game or two of checkers.
We opened gifts on Christmas morning. The most memorable thing that happened was that Joel opened up this computer first and then wanted nothing to do with any more presents. He got very frustrated when someone offered him another. "No!" he'd say, "I'm playing this." At least we didn't have to worry about him greedily grabbing and then saying, "Is that all?"
For Christmas dinner we had Nazair, Lanxui, and their girls over to share it with us. We sang, talked, played in the snow, played Zilch, and of course, we ate.

Jack and Emma
Sam and Joel goofing around
Jack and Emma wrote stories and here Jack is reading his to Mark

The next day we just stayed around here. We got the kids a street hockey goal for Christmas so they went out with Mark and tried it out. We read and started a 1000-piece dolphin puzzle.

One of our gifts to the kids was a trip to Burlington, Vermont (just 3 1/2 hours from here). So after a quick errand that I had committed to for the ladies at the YWCA on the 27th, we headed to the States.

We spent three days and two nights there, just relaxing, swimming in the hotel pool, watching some TV, checking out the local mall...

eating New York style pizza, and indulging in hours at Barnes and Noble. We even found two great used bookstores and had fun poking around in there.

It was a nice time away, even though the memory will always be marked by Joel getting the stomach flu on our last day there. Talk about a rough ride home!

It's been a week full of blessings, and we are thankful for it.

How did YOU spend the week??