Friday, December 14, 2007

Birthday week

ice crystals on the INSIDE of the window (only good thing about a drafty house)

Around here a birthday seems to last a week, and when the birthday is in December, it's just a long party that melts into more celebrations.
The birthday boy is Jack. 7 years has just flown by! We had other things going on the evening of the 12th (Sam's ball game and small group at our house), so we decided to have the meal of his choice on Thursday. As it turned out, our car was leaking oil in the worst way that afternoon, and Mark didn't realize it until too late to make other arrangements to get Sam to his game. So...we had extra time for supper and I made Jack's second choice (he kept waffling between spaghetti and hotdogs) for supper that night as a surprise for him.

We had Christmas cookies at small group that night to celebrate with him, and then Thursday night we had hotdogs and for his cake, carrot cupcakes.
Wednesday was a crazy busy day for me as I helped out the ladies at the YWCA by going down to the foodbank, waiting our turn (2 hours) and loading up the van twice, and transporting their food and other necessities for this week. I didn't know that I was going to be doing this until Tuesday night, nor did I know that it would take so long. I was 2 hours late to volunteer at 10,000 Villages. I was feeling so bad about leaving the coordinator there alone with no hands especially on a very busy shopping day. She was nice about it, and I guess she managed. For the two hours I was there I couldn't believe how many shoppers we had. They just poured in, which is SUPER for a boutique that just opened 2 months ago!! Anyway, I told all that just to say that because Wednesday was so full with work and birthday fun and small group, that I decided to play a lot yesterday. This is what Joel and I did.
I dug out a pretty cool beginning of a fort in the backyard. First I cleared the patio (which I hope to jumprope on for the rest of the winter), and then we dug three little "tunnels" for Joel and a garage for his dumptruck.
It has potential for being a very interesting maze of tunnels and hovels for the rest of the winter if we can keep it maintained. It snowed a couple more inches last night so it looks like I have some "work" do this morning
Last night we celebrated again with hotdogs (ewww!), and played Skipbo (a gift that we gave Jack for birthday.)
A little out of order here--Tuesday night we painted Christmas presents for teachers. I'm going to fill them with biscotti and tuck in a gift card from our local coffee shop.
Joel enjoyed this more than anyone. I was a little leery of letting him paint, but he pretty much kept the paint within a 2 feet radius (smile).
I'm also sharing this craft with some ladies at the YWCA on Sunday afternoon. A group of us from church are going to host a little craft workshop and bring refreshments as well. This is my "model", but I like it so much that I'm going to use by the phone for my writing utensils.