Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snow all day+snow all night=40 centimeters

We've got a LOT of snow. When we got up this morning and looked out we thought it looked like a lot, but when Mark and I got out in it to clean off the steps, the driveway, and our cars, well then we KNEW it was a lot. We both worked this morning for a couple hours digging ourselves out. I love doing this, by the way!! It makes me feel invigorated, and I love to see the fresh white snow, and be a part of clearing it away. We also dug out our neighbor who has a bad shoulder and isn't able to do any strenuous work. We were just trying to be kind, but in the end it served us well. During all this shoveling, Mark discovered that Jack had left the car door ajar all night so our battery was dead. We asked Alain if we could use his car to jump ours'--so we were glad to have his spot all cleared away when we needed it.

These are Alain's steps. Look how high the snow had to be thrown just to get them cleared. Thankfully the snow was VERY light and fluffy. I don't know where we'll put the next dumping.
I got out with the kids at lunch to sled down our front yard, but the snow was so light we just kept falling through. At one point we were all stuck down in feet of snow calling for the others to come rescue us. We did finally get a little path packed down and smoothed out right about the time the boys had to go back to school.
After all that work this morning and the beginnings of our sledding slope, the street plow came along late this afternoon and blew the heavy packed down snow from the last two storms onto our front yard. Obviously the great little channel we had built was destroyed, but even more annoying than that was that the guy blew a great deal of the stuff right over our steps. And it was HEAVY. I tried going out after supper to shovel it off, but I was barely able to budge it. Mark had to take another 1/2 hour and redo what he'd spent time doing this morning.

Vive l'hiver!!

Laundry, decorating, and activity #3

Monday was a teachers' work day so there was no school. T and B wanted to take the boys out for an activity so we reluctantly agreed (just kidding!). They went to see Dinosaurs at the IMAX and then took them to an all-you-can-eat buffet where kids eat free. While the kids were taking in the dinosaurs and eating junk, I had a VERY productive day. I love it when that happens and unfortunately it seems to happen very rarely. I did a ton of laundry (oops! guess what that means), and had some time in between loads to do some organizing and a little decorating for the kids. The snowman is in Joel's room, and...

this is in Sam and Jack's room. There are two things about thsi picture that make me laugh. One is the Colt's poster in the background. There was practically no place to put the tree without something blue and white and having to do with football in the background. And then I have to chuckle at the huge lights and cords wrapped 30 times around this little bitty tree. Well, I used what I had!!

Advent activity: After supper we each made a card and wrote to someone of our choosing. Bet you can guess whose card is whose.

Advent Activity #2

Wouldn't you know it, on December 1st we were so crazy busy that we didn't even remember our Advent calendar. That meant no fun family activity to highlight Christmas. I could definitely see us missing something once or maybe even twice this month, but how could I have let the very first day of the month slip by?

Sunday night we drank peppermint herbal tea in the living room, and by just the lights from the Christmas tree we read the first chapter of The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever. This will be the 3rd year in a row for reading it. I just think it is a wonderfully written story, touching, and so fun to read aloud.