Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a fun day!

Mark and I have been trying to have a day date every other Thursday. This time our friend, Sarah, came over to watch Joel and to feed lunch to Sam and Jack when they came home from school.

Mark planned the date. Here's what we did: First we went to our favorite coffee shop to talk. We did a little self-analysis, some checking up on our marriage, and some Christmas planning. Then we took a walk; it was snowing and beautiful. For lunch we went to the mall, and we each ordered a pita wrap. And the rest of the time we spent getting ideas for Christmas gifts for the kids, writing down prices, and comparing our finds. Jack's birthday is the 12th of December and we bought his gift today (a very cool light saber with interchangeable parts so he can build his own customized weapon). I don't know when we've bought a birthday present for ANYONE two weeks before his birthday. What is happening to us??

We got home just about the time the kids got home from school. They don't have school tomorrow because of teacher/parent conferences, so tonight was nice and relaxed. Mark made supper. I LOVE that meal (even though my lips are burning when I'm finished eating it), and the fact that I didn't make it made it even better!!

We had the kids get ready for bed like usual, at the usual time, despite their protests that tomorrow is a vacation day. And then when they were all showered and everything was cleaned up, we announced that they (Sam and Jack) could stay up and watch the football game (is it the Packers and the Cowboys?) with Dad and have nachos. They couldn't have been happier. I love surprising them! I'm listening to the three of them discuss the game right now. What a fun sound!

Well, it's the perfect ending to a perfect day!


Our Jack is going through a rough spot right now. He daily battles fears of all kinds--getting kidnapped, hurricanes and tornadoes, the dark, and even getting leprosy.

After the kids were tucked into their beds last night, I overheard this conversation between Sam and Jack.

J: I'm just so scared about getting leprosy. Can you help me with that, Sam?
S: Jack, it's okay for you to be scared sometimes, but just try not to think about it a lot, okay?
J: In the daytime, I just don't think about it, but when it's dark I just keep worrying about it.
S: I'm almost positive you aren't going to get leprosy. Just try not to think about it. Shhh, now go to sleep.

There were a few more exchanges, but soon it got quiet and two boys fell asleep. I think we will direct all fear-related issues to big brother from now on. He did a very good job of handling the problem, I thought.

P.S. We welcome any bits of advice for helping our little fraidy cat.
when tiredness finally wins the battle over fear