Monday, November 26, 2007

There's a new cookie in town

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Peanut Butter Protein Balls

1/2 cup of honey
2/3 cup of natural peanut butter (100% peanuts)
1 cup chocolate-flavored protein powder
3 1/2 cups crispy rice cereal

Mix the honey, peanut butter, and protein powder together completely (this is easier if the honey and peanut butter are room temperature). Slowly add the rice cereal and carefully stir until mixed. Use a cookie baller or your hands to roll the mixture into balls of desired size. Refrigerate the balls for about 30 minutes to firm them up.

This recipe came from a book called The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood by William Sears, M.D., Martha Sears, R.N., James Sears, M.D., and Robert Sears, M.D.

These receive high praise from all my kids, Mark, and even a neighbor friend who asked me tonight to give his mom the recipe. And I love them because they are so good for them (they don't know that though)