Monday, November 12, 2007

Lessons learned from Colts' loss!

I'm talking about what I learned from the loss. I've no idea what lessons the Colts might have learned. For me (Mark) it was not an easy game to watch. First of all, so many of the important players were injured and couldn't play. Also, it was horrible to watch a kickoff return, a punt return, and then 5 interceptions from Peyton Manning. It was not at all a pleasant experience for any fan. However, after the game I began to think about what you could learn from something like this. First of all, no matter how unimportant you might feel or how others may think of you, you are important. We all have a job to do and a part to play. If we think we're unimportant, we probably will not be prepared for the opportunity that comes. Be prepared so that when the time comes, no one will notice who's missing. Another lesson learned is no matter how bad things look, never give up. If you work hard, even when everything seems to go wrong, it's very possible that you'll still accomplish your goal. And if not, you can at least be proud of the effort you gave and that you didn't quit.

It's funny because I never get this introspective after a win. Maybe it's because lessons come not in the victory but in defeat. I just hope that I don't have too many more lessons to learn this season.

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My favorite Jack

My favorite place is home. I like it because I get to do some fun things. Home is where people do their own things. One thing I like is when we do something together as a family at home, like when Dad works with us. My least favorite thing about home is when I get in trouble or the dark.