Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Merry Mishap

Look what happened to my bread this week. That's what I get for getting distracted and letting the dough rise too long. My biggest question was how to cut the silly thing!!

A lot of boo-hooing going on

We watched the game at Tim and Barb's. They even made Hoosier chili to be supportive and loyal! Those last few minutes were hard for the boys to take. There were sweaty palms and tears in a couple eyes (but I dare not mention whose), and we left V's a little more quietly than when we had arrived.

But then, the voice of reason (or the painfully annoying one) in the family tried to bring perspective to the sadness by pointing out that the Colt's loss is nothing compared to starving children or other such tragedies. I don't think people liked me very much that night.

Passing out...flyers

Lanxui and Nazaire just bought a dry cleaning/sewing (this is not what it is in English, but I just can't for the life of me think of how to say this) shop. A girl in our church made flyers for the business and organized a little publicity campaign. We were asked to help out by sticking the flyers in mailboxes of the homes near where the shop is. So...Saturday morning we bundled up and headed to the meeting place (Shane and Chantale's house). They had just discovered moments before we arrived, that the copy place had cut all the postcard sized flyers incorrectly and were cutting them one-by-one with a little scrapbooking trimmer. I left Sam and Jack with Mark to start passing out the ones that had been fixed, and ran home with Joel to get our paper cutter. I then spent about an hour cutting some of the 1000 we needed to do. After getting quite a stack, Joel and I met Pierre-Luc, Zacharie, and my boys to remplenish their stock and to help pass out some as well. It turned out to be a fun family activity, as only PL, E, and Z were the only other ones that showed up. We ended up taking the rest home to cut (which took each of us a couple hours), and I guess we will go for another round next weekend.

And speaking of passing out--I almost did early Saturday morning. I was still in bed when I heard a strange sound on the main floor. I knew Sam was up, so after I got up this was how the conversation went:

Mom: Sam, what were you doing up here?
Sam: Sweeping
Mom: Sweeping what? (I know it was a dumb question, but I just couldn't imagine. Surely he was using the broom for a sword or some other weapon)
Sam: The floor.
Mom: Why? (I know, another dumb question)
Sam: It was dirty!

And that is when the passing out almost happened!!

Dinner Party

Friday night we had la famille Bélime and la famille Gélineau over for supper. Mark made the main course and I made the dessert (Toll House pie and pumkin pie). We had a kids' table with brown packaging paper covering it so they could draw. It was a perfect evening as far as I was concerned. Here's how I'm defining "perfect":

  • Joel sat at the kids' table and drew and talked and never once needed "help" from us (Sam sat next to him and helped a lot)
  • Mark helped a lot, and I was not in the kitchen the whole night
  • Conversation flowed easily
  • I wasn't stressed
  • All the 6 kids did great. They stayed at the table for quite a long time, drawing and playing hangman. They played outside in the cul-de-sac too, which was nice for the quietness factor.

Near the end of the evening, while the adults ate dessert, the kids made caramel apples. I think it was a hit.

Oh, and Mark helped me clean the kitchen after everyone went home (around 11:00). How's that for the perfect ending?

The Great Date

Tim and Barb watched the kids (mostly just Joel as the kids were in school) on Thursday for us. Mark and I spent a beautiful day together. We drove to Lévis (city across the river), parked the car at the spot to take the ferry over to Old Quebec, and rollerbladed some 5km on a bike path along the river. Then we turned around (facing the wind, I might add) and came back to our car. We changed out of our rollerblades and then got on board the ferry for a little visit to one of our favorite places. We walked, then to a restaurant called Le Hobbit. We had never eaten there before. We both loved what we ordered (a pasta dish and a curry stir-fry) and had good conversation. On the way back through the Old City we stopped in a couple shops and visited a public library that is in an old Catholic church. It started to rain a little on our ferry ride back to the car, but without the rain we never would have seen the gorgeous full rainbow that popped up. It was a wonderful day!!