Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Listening to Opera

If you had told me last year that our family would be listening to opera, I wouldn't have believed it. Since Paul Potts won a talent show with his gorgeous singing, I've been anticipating his first album. Well, it's out and we downloaded it from Napster. I LOVE this CD. I told Mark that the music "moves" me, and he hasn't stopped making fun of me since. I like these songs so much that I almost don't care.

Even the kids like it!!


Mark got sick with a cold a couple weeks ago. Then the kids all got the sniffles and the coughs. They got all better, but Mark wasn't able to get rid of it. I felt strong (and perhaps a little cocky), and told everyone that I was not going to catch this bug. I ate my words on Friday when I got a sore throat. And I've experienced all the annoying facets of a cold, including losing my voice. On Sunday neither Mark nor I could talk. It was kind of funny, in fact. Mark preached (thank goodness for the new sound system at church) and rasped his way through the message--which was really great, by the way. Our small group led the worship, so I found myself at the laptop changing the slides during the songs as it was nearly impossible for me to sing. And with both of us speaking as we do, we are realizing the importance of our voices in parenting. We try to croak out words only to find ourselves repeating the answers/commands/reprimands/encouragements. And when we are asked a third time what we said, we mostly just whisper, "Oh, never mind." We'll get this family back in ship-shape condition....tomorrow or the next day or....

Feeling Fallish

It's the end of October, and most of the leaves have fallen. Days are cool; nights are chilly. This week I sorted through all the winter gear, washed and hung it up to dry, and listed mentally what we need yet to acquire. People all around are battening down the hatches, preparing for the next season. In the meantime, we are enjoying the coziness and the anticipation of a long winter.
Much to the the kids disappointment, I refuse to put spiderwebs and witches on the front porch. I like this look better, although I realize it's not much fun for kids.
I made this table runner for the very beat-up coffee table (Grandma Stanely's cedar chest) one afternoon. I think it adds a nice homey, fallish look.
Joel has been working up a storm in our "backwad". He told me one afternoon that he was raking the "maple leaves". I do not know from where he knows this, because Mark assured me that he never taught it to him. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's from our Sly Little Bear book. There is a story in it about Hasty Bear picking poison ivy leaves when his mom asks him to go pick some pretty leaves. I think he ends up going back out to pick maple leaves. It's just so funny to hear Joel say it.
He probably played outside for 20-30 minutes putting leaves in the "orange, orange, orange bag". He thinks it's fun now. But just wait a couple years.
The kids and Mark carved pumpkins on Sunday evening while I made our pizza. They have never been too impressed with the whole cleaning-out-the-seeds process.
Creepy picture, huh?