Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baby Dedication

We had a baby dedication at church. Here are Émilie,Pierre-Luc, and Zacharie. And here we have Xavie, Guillaume, and little Iona (pronounced Ee-own-a)
Since we had never had a special dedication time for Joel, we were included in the service. And then as we thought about it, we realized that we had never officially, before our church, dedicated Jack either. And because the ceremony seemed to be more about families than just babies, we asked the one other family we have at church (Nazaire and Lanxui) to be a part of it too. Each couple went up in front and shared a few minutes of what having children had taught them and then each said a few words about their child/children. It was a great service--very special and meaningful.
I took this photo of Joel after we got home from church that day. He was watching our neighbor, Pascal, wash his car, but it looks as if he is contemplating what dedication to the Lord means, huh?