Thursday, October 25, 2007


Joel likes to get in on the act. He looks so studious here, doesn't he??Jack is learning to read this year. This means that there is a lot of parent-involved work (i.e. listening to him read, reviewing sight words, etc.) Mark has been spending a good half hour with him before supper. The first part of the week it's a real struggle but after 3 or 4 days, he really does great with his assigned reading.

Sam has quite a bit of work to do each night. He's very responsible, and doesn't usually need guidance from me. I'm really amazed at what they have to know--all those french conjugations!!


Jack has had his glasses for two weeks. He does a pretty good job taking care of them, although he has sometimes absent-mindedly put them down in places he shouldn't have. He is too stubborn to admit that they help him see better. I think they must be really helpful because he very rarely forgets to put them back on after a shower or in the morning when he gets up.
I still think he looks so precious I just want to hug him everytime I see his sweet face.

Things about the kids I don't want to forget

I know how fast kid stages go, and because this blog serves as a personal journal too, I wanted to write down some things about the way the kids are right now so I won't forget. Bear with me.On weekend nights Sam and Jack like to go to sleep together in our bed. When we are ready to go to bed, we just move them into their own beds. One night recently, we let Joel get in bed with them. After about 1/2 an hour later he was ready to go to his own bed and I think Sam and Jack were ready for him to go too.
Joel has such funny faces. He was really hamming it up for me this night. Unfortunately, the dirty face is pretty typical.
He loves to mow the grass, and it is especially fun when Mark is doing it with him.
I remember all of us Ernst kids always seeming to need the bathroom at the same time--and that was usually when Dad was already occupying it. Well, it's the same story here. Thankfully we have two bathrooms, but even at that, we have this scenario often. And everyone always has a book.
And speaking of books, this is how I found Joel in his bed one afternoon. I quite often have to pry a book out of his hands after he's fallen asleep, but I had never seen this particular position.

Today Joel was singing into a toy. I said, "Is that your microphone?" He said, "No, it's my something else."

And when I ask him who his mommy is, he says, "My Jill is my mommy." The sweetness factor on that has to be pretty high.

The House-calling Hairdresser

Our friend, Melissa, who is a coiffeuse, came over yesterday and treated the whole family (except Mark who had his hair cut last week) to haircuts. It was so great not to have to take everyone out to wait somewhere. Sam was VERY disappointed with his haircut. To tell you the truth, I was too. Hey, it's just hair, and it will grow.

I got a trim AND bangs. And Mark is happy, so you know it's still long.

George and Martha

I absolutely love these stories.

I just finished reading George and Martha Encore to Joel. It's so simple and so sweet. Here are a couple of my favorites stories from this book.

The French Lesson
George went to Martha's house for his French lesson.
"Bonjour, Martha," said George.
"Bonjour, George," said Martha.
George sat next to Martha on the sofa.
"How do you say 'Give me a kiss' in French?" asked George.
"You say, 'Voulez-vous m'embrasser?'" answered Martha.
And this is just what George did.
"Tee-hee," said Martha.
"I knew you were going to do that."

The Beach
One day George and Martha went to the beach.
"I love the beach!" exclaimed Martha.
"So do I," said George.
"However, we must be sure to put on our suntan lotion."
But Martha refused to put on her suntan lotion.
"You'll be sorry," George called out.
"Oh, pooh," said his friend.
"You're a fuss-budget, George."
Martha was having such a lovely time.
The next day Martha had a terrible sunburn!
She felt all hot and itchy.
But George never said, "I told you so."
Because that's not what friends are for.