Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I know it's long, but...

If you haven't see this, I think you would really enjoy watching it. I would definitely start from about the 8 minute mark, as the first bit is just introduction. You might need a Kleenex or two

Billington Family Update for Supporters

Good morning to you, our friends and family,

October 8th (Monday) this year is Thanksgiving in Canada. The English-speaking provinces celebrate much like the US does in November--big turkey dinner with family. In Québéc, for the most part, Action de Grâce (French for Thanksgiving) is just a day off from work, and everyone enjoys a long weekend before winter hits. For Christians it has more significance, and it is usually celebrated in church the day before with special remembrance for what God has done and for what He is doing.

So in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving, Mark and I would like to thank God with you for His blessings to us and the ministry He has given us.

  • We appreciate the family God has put us in. We each have a rich heritage and enjoy a special closeness with our parents and siblings. We are also grateful for our immediate family. The boys are a blessing to us. Their joy in living and their love for each other encourages us.
  • Before coming, we dreamed of the friendships we would make here in Quebec. Even though this has been difficult at times, and we've experienced loneliness, we are beginning to feel like we are part of our community. It's good to finally feel comfortable with a small group of friends that God has placed us with. Of course, we'll be even more thankful when we see these precious people come to Christ.
  • Credo Baptist Church is a source of joy to us. We have over 30 people participating in small groups. This little church has a very big vision for Quebec and for the world. We see a great desire from our members to make Christ a reality in their lives. And the love they have for each other is strong.
  • Two couples in our church have begun their own franchise called Ten Thousand Villages which works with over 100 artisan groups in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to sell fair trade jewelry, home decor, gifts and more. Fair trade enables artisans to earn a fair wage and provides the opportunity for a better quality of life. To see the passion of these couples for social justice, and their desire to put their time and efforts into a tangible way to make a difference in the world is a breath of fresh air. All the work is done by volunteers, and there are quite a few people from Credo who have committed to give their time to work in the store. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to rub shoulders with unbelievers in the community who visit the boutique or who also volunteer there.
  • We have a great team who work hard and pray a lot so that we can be here. We are so grateful for our faithful supporters, and we are aware that sacrifices are made so you can stand with us.