Monday, October 1, 2007

This coming-home-for lunch stuff is okay by me!

We took care of a couple of José and Claudia's kids at lunchtime today. After lunch Jack, Elli, and and Jacob went out and played a game that they invented called Dragon Fire. Good old-fashioned imaginary play. I LOVE IT!!!

As long as he's mimicking...

Today I was working at the computer, he was "busy" playing his guitar next to me. I was surprised to feel his little hand on my leg and to hear him say, out of the blue, "Mom, I forgive you." There was no context for this, so all I can say is I guess he was trying out a new phrase. Sometimes I don't like the things I hear him repeat, but this is a good one. I'm glad he's heard that around here a few times.

A great way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon

It started out as a Sunday School activity: apple picking with the teachers. By Sunday after church, it had turned into much more. Parents of the kids were invited to come along, and we invited our friends the Bélimes (who actually wanted to aller aux pommes with us last Sunday afternoon, but we got our wired crossed) and Dénis and Blandine. Blandine has relatives that live in the beautiful town of Saint Antoine de Tilly and she arranged for us to have a picnic in their backyard (because it's their summer home and they were out of town).
This is the view of the Saint Lawrence from the backyard. Of course, this picture does not do justice.
Pretty in pink, a view from the front of the house.
One of our SS girls, Emma.
It was an absolutely perfect afternoon. We were surrounded by beauty and friends and warmth and FOOD!
Francis, Armelle, Léa, and her friend Marie-Eve having a very French picnic with their bread and cheese. Ooops, I see a bag of Lays chips. Have to be someone else's, because that would seriously not fit with the rest of their menu.
After eating, we drove just minutes away to the orchard to pick apples. We were a very culturally diverse group of Americans, Chinese, Congolese, French, and Québécois.
The kids were even offered a ride in the tractor by the owners of the orchard.

does fifteen cups of flour make a lot of bagels??

Depends on if you think 36 bagels is a lot or not. I would say that if you were the one making those 36 bagels, you would say that's a lot.

Ever have those days when you say to yourself, "What was I thinking?" I asked myself that question a couple of times on Saturday. I had made one batch of bagels once before in my life, and all I remembered from that experience was that fresh homemade bagels are delicious. So because it was my turn to bring a snack to church on Sunday and because I wanted to take something delicious, I decided that snack would be homemade bagels. I quadrupled my recipe and got to work. Making the dough was easy enough, but that was the only thing that was easy. I needed another pair of hands, but everyone around here was busy with other activities, except Joel, and I kind of needed him to help by just getting out of the kitchen.
To add to the confusion, Francis stopped by for a minute and when he tried to start his car up and go home, it wouldn't cooperate. So he asked Mark to take him home to get their other car, and he and Armelle returned to try to figure out the problem. We tried to be supportive and helpful, but I think we were more disruptive than encouraging as all we were able to do was to make lame jokes and laugh at their frustration. Hey, I offered them a fresh-out-of-the-oven bagel, but I think they were in no mood for that.
And when it was time for Mark to make supper, he couldn't because I had another 20-some bagels waiting to be put in the oven. Thankfully the kids were playing outside by that time and were having so much fun, they didn't realize we had by-passed the normal supper time by a couple hours.
We finally sat down to eat around 7:00. It was a wild afternoon, but the taste of those bagels made it all worthwhile.