Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just Messin' Around

Lookie Lookie!

This license plate represents the end of the long journey of permanent residency for us. After we became landed immigrants, we had to import our vehicle, which included a lot of muck 'n shmuck (as my dad would say)--two different inspections, repairs, fees, new plate, and many headaches.

It's over!! And we are official in every way! Thanks Lord!

Easy Go

Well, I never could have guessed how simple it would be for Joel to give up his pacifier. I knew it was time, but for the last couple months I couldn't even think about proposing the end to one of his favorite things in life. Last Sunday night as I was getting him ready for bed, on a whim, I said, "This is for babies." He said,"Me a baby." When I said that no he wasn't and did he think he might want to throw it away, I could not have been more shocked when he said, "No, I put it over here," and proceeded to open his pajama drawer and stuff it in there. And if that weren't surprise enough, he has managed to knock the socks completely off me because he has not once asked for it in almost two weeks. I'm definitely baffled at how easy that was, but I'm just as happy. Whew!