Monday, September 17, 2007

Imitation Phase

He is most definitely watching.

And as a result of his watching:

1. We don't need toys anymore--just a jump rope (this is his microphone), the vacuum (I`m getting my floors cleaned for ``free``),a wallet stuffed with our old gift cards, Mark`s old broken guitar, music stand, and a pick, and a few of Mark`s ``safe`` tools and we`re set.
2. There is a lot of frustration and phrases like: ``It`s not wooking (working)`` and ``I can`t do it`` when these toys don`t do what he thinks they should.
3. We hear our own impatient and sometimes unkind words come from his mouth, and we are shamed and admonished to respond more lovingly.
Singing with the girls at small group
Breakfast and the paper with Dad

A cup of tea and a good book and comfy pj`s (I`m envious)