Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day

Mark and I had work to do on this day, but we took some time out in the morning to have one last family outing before the start of school. About 15 minutes from our house is Parc des Chutes de la ChaudièreThere is this beautiful view of the waterfalls and then trails for hiking and discovering wildlife. We spent some time at a little pond looking for frogs. We found three, and Sam was desperate to catch and hold one, but they were too quick for him this time.

We thought this man added an interesting element to the scenery.

Before we came home, we stopped at Chez Ashton for some poutine--a treat we save for only very special occasions.

We've Got Them Goin'-Back-to-School-Again Blues

Tuesday September 4th was the first day of school. I really hate this day every year. It says summer is over, spontaneity and relaxed days are done. It says look how much your kids have grown. And I mourn. Jack's two front teeth decided to come out (with some help from Dad) to help commemorate this his first day of first grade.

He's so cute with this new hole in his face. I love the way he talks now too.