Sunday, September 2, 2007

A New Experience

A Camping Adventure by Sam Billington

On Tuesday August 28 2007 Mom took Jack, Joel, and me on a camping trip to Le Parc National de la Mauricie in Shawinigan. We had to rent a car though because our car was being worked on so we went to the airport (which is where they have a car rental place) to get a car. They didn't have what we asked for so we got an upgrade and we got a Ford Escape. We were so excited. It was awesome. So when we got home we packed the car and after a short lunch (which wasn't really a lunch) we left. It was about two hours until we got to Shawinigan. Before we entered the parc we stopped for a snack at McDonalds. Mom got coffee for her, a bag of little cookies for Joel, and the little pie things for Jack and me. Once we entered the park we were amazed by its beauty.
First we set up the tent
then we got a fire going so that we could cook the meat for our tacos for later on.
Once it was ready, we ate then put Joel to bed 'cause he hadn't had a nap that day and he was getting tired. When he was asleep we had s'mores and then read our book The Bellmaker.

After that we were tired so we went to bed.
In the morning we ate and then walked to a playground nearby. We played there for about an hour then we went swimming at a river about a kilometer away.

We swam for a while

and then we went to go eat hotdogs (here we are watching them cook). After we ate we had a quiet time for a half an hour and then we went to the place we went swimming at again.

We walked for a while around the place and then went swimming again.
When we got back to our campsite to cook supper it started raining so it kind of ruined the rest of the time there for us. Unfortunately Mom had to stay outside to finish cooking our food. Once it was ready we ate it (in the tent) and then we basically stayed in there doing nothing except worrying that the tarp wouldn't keep out the rain so we stayed there in the tent for maybe 40 minutes. But then the rain started getting in and we had to go to the car to sleep. It was only about 20 steps to the car but we were drenched. Anyway, me, Joel, and Jack all slept in the back and Mom was in the front.
In the morning we got up and packed the car and left. We had a great time.

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