Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A picnic, a weekend get-a-way, and a dinner party

This is just a random picture that makes me happy. I got these flowers for Mother's Day and they are still beautiful today.
Thursday was a very uncharacteristically warm day. We had two picnics in the front yard--one at lunch...
and the other at supper. The supper picnic was especially nice because we had a live band serenading us (it was a group at our neighbors' practicing their beautiful music outside).
Joel trying out celery.
On Friday night we travelled to a log cabin in the woods for a weekend retreat with Pastor Strong and our co-workers, Tim and Barb. It was magnificent there! This is the view from the front window.
We enjoyed eating together, of course!
And there were good times of encouragement and challenge from the Word.
And wonderful places to explore and soak in the beauty.
You're seeing double, because I can't figure out how to cut this second picture. I'm a moron, I know, but I've tried everything.

Here's the "chalet" from the front.
Sadly, we had to leave on Saturday afternoon, but we went directly from the chalet to another beautiful spot--the old city. We took the ferry and went across the river to a chocolate factory that serves the most delicious ice cream smothered with real dark or milk chocolate.
Unbelievably delicious!!
Sunday we had friends over for supper. It was a great time!
Mark took some time away from the guest to entertain Joel for a while.
Sam taught NoƩmi a song on the guitar. She picked it up right away and really had a fun time playing it.
It has been a packed out week with Pastor coming and having friends over and then hosting a shower for Guillaume and Xavie. On top of all that, Mark left me for 48 hours to drive to Buffalo to get our visas (YEAH!!! we received our paperwork which means we are official landed immigrants, permanent residents, whatever we are now called) stamped in our passports. It needed to be done (I'm flying out of Vermont on Saturday for the Big Numonohi Reunion and to spend some precious days with Jodie), but I couldn't believe the "bad" timing of it all and have managed to have some little panic sessions. week I'll be writing from Columbus, Ohio. I'll miss the family, but I'm really looking forward to these days with friends--and my brothers!!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!!!!