Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We went on a family bike ride on Saturday night. When we got back to the yard, Joel let us know he needed to get to a bathroom (and Mark confirmed that it was true--he had been very gassy on the ride home). The back door was locked, so instead of running him around to the front of the house, Mark ran and fetched his little potty chair. He did his business in the great outdoors.


Laurent knocked on the door yesterday after school and said that he had forgotten his key and no one was home. It made me laugh, because almost every Tuesday afternoon he makes his way over to our house so he can participate in the end of my English class with Léa and then play with her and Sam when the class is over. I didn't see what locking himself out of the house had to do with it. The kids spent a lot of time trying to make cool bubble wands out of wire. Can you spot the very long bubble in the picture??
Monday Annie spent part of the afternoon and evening with us. She played ball with Sam and entertained Joel. Joel is in love with her. He kept saying, "Kank coo, Annie," whenever she put this guy back on the motorcycle. She had supper with us and then after the kids went to bed, we talked until about 10:15.

These are a couple kids from church pictured with Sam and Jack. Maxime is a foster child living with one of our church members. He is pretty messed up emotionally from all he has lived through in his 10 short years. Sam and he get along really well and Sam is very disappointed when he can't be at church. Laurence comes with her sister. She's such a pleasant little girl (also the same age as Maxime and Sam) and she's cool (according to Sam) because she likes hockey.

Two neighborhood boys (and a friend of one of them) came over on Saturday. They all played ball for quite awhile and then when they got too hot, they came inside to play Sorry. This is a favorite game with guests. Maybe it's because it's English practice!!


Monday was a holiday. We asked Tim and Barb to meet us at the Plage Jacques-Cartier (a place all of you except Shawn and Simone have been to with us) for a picnic. It's one of our favorite spots.
This has to be the biggest dog I've ever seen!!

We skipped rocks.

Joel saw this family and decided to hang out with them for awhile. They didn't seem to mind.

These tulips decorate the entrance to the marina.

It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time!

Jumping...the gun

Last week I told you that I planted flowers. I was too eager. Last Tuesday and Wednesday nights I covered them to spare them from the frost. They survived!!!


Jack is one of a kind and lots of times the following is said by either Mark or me (quietly of course): "Look at Jack!" And then we smile and go about our business. Saturday was a very warm day and we were all enjoying the outdoors. The kids were playing, I was working in the yard, and Mark was cleaning out the van. I looked up from my work at one point and saw Jack dressed like this. So I said to Mark, "Look at Jack." And then we got back to our tasks. It wasn't too much longer after that when I saw the Colts tuque lying in the grass, but I think the boots, being convenient to slip on and off quickly, stayed on for a bit.

The other day Jack said, "Mom, I think my pants are too big. They are falling down." I bent down to adjust the waist band and noticed that they weren't snapped. I said, "First of all, your pants aren't buttoned." Without a moment's hesitation he shot back, "Second of all, I'm not wearing any underwear."

We love our Jack.


There was no school on Thursday, so I thought it would be a good time for the kids to do something new and different. In the morning I gave them my Eating For Life cookbook and told them they could choose anything from it that they wanted to make for supper. They took quite a while to look through the whole book and pick something they both agreed on. They decided on a dessert as well. We made a list and went all together to the store to find the items we didn't already have.
Jack peeled the garlic and dumped in the ingredients.
Sam chopped up veggies and meat. They both stirred.
They did a great job. It was Mom who made the mess. This was fun to clean up, let me tell you. The peas, unfortunately, did not just spill on the counter.

While the main dish was simmering, the boys worked on dessert.
Beef and Barley soup!!!
Looks like Joel is skeptical of the cooks.
And black forest pudding!!
Not so distrusting now!!

Unfortunately for Mark, the meal wasn't ready before he had to head off to teach his Thursday night class, so he had to have warmed-up soup.

I think the endeavor was a success. And the kids thanked me (a lot) for letting them do it.


We are all learning things, but a two-year old's pace of learning goes at a much faster rate. It's so fun to watch Joel learn new things. He says new words every day. We are all fascinated by this stage. Last week I looked up from what I was working on and I saw Joel sitting on the floor like this...

He discovered that his hands can interlock. And he studied his hands clasped together for several minutes. Notice the guitar on his lap.
He watches our every move and tries to duplicate what he sees. When I notice him doing an "adult" thing, I get nervous about how much he is soaking in. Do I want to see what I do (or say) repeated in the actions of my toddler? Good question to ask myself daily.
He didn't learn this from me!!! Must have been watching Mark lately.

He was very interested in digging in the herb garden. I stayed quite close to make sure he kept to his end.

For the rest of the family...

Mark--learning the guitar. He just ordered an instructional DVD that he practices with every day and he says it's really useful.

Jill--learning more about photography. I'll be taking a photography workshop at ABWE this summer and I'm trying to use my camera a lot to practice and improve.

Sam--also learning the guitar. He is pretty faithful at practicing, and Mark keeps him motivated by having him learn songs that he has heard from his favorite groups.

Jack--learning to read in English. He's doing well.