Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We have the best view of the sun going down every night from our living room window. And so often I am reminded of how great a home we have, especially when it comes to location. We are so close to all kinds of wonderful things: the "plage" (the beautiful walk along the river), public pool, lots of parks, bicycle path, hiking trails, not to mention that we can walk to the kids' school in under 10 minutes and that we live on a cul-de-sac where there are some 15 other children. Our backyard is perfect too, and the fact that the kitchen looks out into it makes keeping an eye on Joel very easy. (He's been living outside (lout-lide) these days. We can already see changes in the color of his hair.)

So I'm just reminding myself of our blessings and for the special one this house is to us. When I think about how some people search for months when buying a home, and we never even saw this place before coming, I'm thankful.

Garage Sale Season...in Québec??

Everybody knows how I like to hit a garage sale or two in the summer, so you also know that I don't sight one up here very often. When we first came, someone told me that they have some strict regulations, and there are fees that the garage sale "holder" has to pay, etc. I figured that was why they haven't caught on here, but I'm not really sure. I just look forward to finding some great bargains every summer when we head back to garage sale country.
I was pretty amused when I saw this cover of the house section of the Sunday paper. It says "Good riddance". There's a whole article on how having a garage sale or a "ventes-débarras" is a good solution for getting rid of your stuff you don't want and a good way to save money while recycling. There is advice for the seller (wash your items so they are clean and presentable, collect plastic bags and old newspapers to wrap up purchases, price your items before the sale, etc) and advice for the buyers (have cash on hand, don't be afraid to negotiate the price, take along a measuring tape, wear appropriate clothing, and my favorite, carry along retail catalogues so you can check what the price was when an item was new).

Can you imagine ever finding an article in the Indianapolis Star on how to have a garage sale? Or actually seeing in print that you should take cash with you? And I wonder what I would look like flipping through an old Sears catalogue trying to find a particular model of a toaster to check the price. I'm really laughing at that little gem.

Maybe garage sales will catch on here. That'd be fun, but until it does, I'll just wait for July when I can go "saling" where no one needs advice before going out and where you might just find a Pottery Barn catalogue in the "free box".