Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Weekly Update

Dear family,

Here it is Wednesday again. I can't believe how fast the time goes. Well, I've given you guys a break from my MANY words, so I'm going to be verbose again, at least for today. Lucky YOU!!!

Well...we thought spring was here and then Monday we had fierce winds, ice pellets, snow, slush, and it was COLD!!! It looks like they are forecasting some spring weather for the weekend--18 degrees C. We are already planning some family time outside at the high school track near our home. We love to go there, as each member of the family can go at their own pace, with their own activity (i.e. bike, rollerblade, walk, run, play soccer, sit in the grass) and everyone is SAFE.

Best deal at the grocery store this week:
pineapple--$1.65 (these helped to make our Tuesday night fruit salad especially special)
just an aside here--one night I asked the kids to guess how many different fruits they had in their salad. They didn't even come close. There were 9!!!! Unfortunately, the bar was set too high that night and now a 5-fruit fruit salad is not so cool.

Little French lesson:
I think/believe so= je pense/crois que oui (which is literally I think/believe that yes)

Very interesting:

We just got a news magazine yesterday that features a survey called Qui Nous Sommes (Who We Are) I'll be sharing statistics with you from time to time from this article. We are always trying to better understand the people with whom we live, so I'm sure the 22 pages of the report will help us with that. Here's the bit that I found a little troubling (wonder how/if this differs from the amount of tv viewed in the States):
Who watches what in the province of Quebec

Kids and teens watch about
24 hours of tv per week
18-24 year olds (who watch the least)
22 hours per week
35-49 year olds
28 hours
50-64 years old
37 hours
65 and older
51 hours
What Joel says these days:

You'll never guess what animal came to church on Sunday:

That's right, it was a hedgehog. The girl holding it was a visitor and said that she was trying to decide between her rabbit and this creature which would come to church with her. Hmmmm! All the kids were fascinated!

Fun things we are doing these days

  1. Sam, Jack, and I are playing Monopoly. Weekends are really the only and best time to play, so we have everything laid out on an extra table so we can just pick up where we left off. Sam is pretty excited because I told him and Jack about Dad and Dan winning one time with a monopoly on Baltic and Mediterranean. That's his situation right now (with hotels on each) and I'm worried for my future in this game.
  2. We are reading The Princess Bride. We are almost finished, and that is sad, because it is a very enjoyable book.

Well, that's about it for this week. Mark is preaching on Sunday (Blessed are the meek and blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness), our small group is leading the worship time, and tomorrow Mark is teaching his 3rd class (on Spiritual Disciplines) this semester at the Bible College. This is a LOT for us in one week so we'd appreciate you holding us up in prayer.

Love to you all!!!


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