Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sunday--April 1

Hey, we've been here SIX years today!! We didn't celebrate, because we didn't remember.

But we did share time with friends. In the evening, Francis, Armelle, Noémi, and Léa came over for fondue au chocolate and of course, coffee. As you can see, the kids went wild. I think their chocolate and platter of fruit was gone within a matter of minutes.

The adults were a little more reasonable with their rations. The kids played outside while we very politely dipped our fruit and angel food cake into a vat of dark chocolate. Then later on in the evening, Noémi and I pounded out some duets on the piano. She's really getting good.

There were also some April Fool's jokes played on various members of the family, but we were all on high alert because Sam and Jack kept announcing that it was AFD. Sam even greeted Jack when he came down the stairs in the morning with "Happy April Fool's Day". Somehow I don't think that's the idea.

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Because snow is in the forecast today...
I decided to take some pictures of things we will soon (hopefully) be saying good-bye to.
  1. these abri that people put up outside their doors to block the wind inviting itself in every time the door opens (we don't have one, but it looks like a great idea)
  2. trees all wrapped up to protect them from kilos of snow that could potentially be dumped on them by street plows
  3. and more abri for cars this time
  4. Christmas decorations that either their owners can't get to because of the snow or they don't want to. I don't think it would take much to remove these balls, but what do I know?
We are supposed to receive some 20 cm of snow today and tomorrow. Welcome spring!!

Proud to be a part of this green province

Look at this cool bag! This is Quebec's effort to reduce the use of plastic grocery sacks. You can purchase these bags for $1.00 at participating grocery stores and each time you bring one (or any other of your own bags, for that matter) your grocery bill is reduced by 5 cents. So...that means that after 20 visits, I start making money! They are really sturdy and roomy, and I'm discovering their many uses besides the obvious.

Kids' quotes to note

Hey, Jack. Do you want to put these books (set of Hardy Boy books) on your shelf (they each have their own in a bookcase outside their room)? I want them back when I leave for college, though.

And here's a little conversation that I overheard at lunch the other day
Jack: Why is Madame Karine not coming back to your class? (and then about 3 more of the same kind of questions that Sam answered very patiently)
Can we just not talk about it, Jack (this said very sadly)

Sam came home a couple days ago saying that he had received the highest grade in the class on a writing assignment. I said something like, "Hey that's not bad considering that you are anglophone." Sam laughed and said that that was just what his best friend, Simon, had said. But Simon had added a little more. He said, "You have to ask your mom to get you a dog or something!" In his mind, that was definitely a feat that deserved a pet. I didn't quite see it that way!