Thursday, March 29, 2007

Saturday--March 24
Happy Birthday to Joel David Billington!!!!
  • Joel was not really very impressed by the small things we did to highlight his joining our family two years ago, so it's a good thing we didn't really hype it up with a party and lots of activities. The boys wanted us all to go into his room and and sing "Happy Birthday" to him first thing in the morning, but that was not the way Joel had expected to wake up, so when he cried we aborted mid-song. Could we really sing that badly???
  • Sam and Jack gave him a Tonka plow (he can say snow plow but it sounds more like no plow and Mark commented the other day that only in a climate like this would a baby have snow plow on his first-words list). He played with it most of the day along with a couple of other trucks he has. When he took his nap we put up balloons and streamers in the dining room.
  • During this time was also when Sam was being the cultured member of the family attending a talk by one of his favorite authors ( with his best buddy, Simon and Simon's dad. I'll have to get him to write a little about his experience. I think it is safe to say that he LOVED it.
  • We made pizza for supper and then had cake. This is where having a birthday really got exciting for Joel (and he can say cake too) as you can see in the following picture.
You are certainly asking yourself what happened to make the huge change from a boy thrilled to soon be eating birthday cake to this....
Could it be that we aren't cutting the cake fast enough? Did we take a truck away from him? Did a balloon pop in his face??
I'm sorry to say that none of these is correct. We started singing "Happy Birthday" again. I'm shaking my head in disbelief as I type these words. Who can explain a two-year old's ways??

I made this "truck book" for him with pictures I had taken just out in front of our house of the no plows. He carried this album around with him everywhere for about 48 hours.

Thursday--March 22
Family Night
  • Mark played living room basketball with the kids while I made supper
  • We ate spaghetti and homemade bread sticks
  • A trip to the mall to get a birthday gift for Joel (yes, he was there, but we managed to hide the no plow
  • And then coffee (for the adults) and dessert at a very cute restaurant. In a place where one rarely sees kids at a restaurant, and at 8:30 on a school night, we received some strange looks and were probably not the most popular clients du soir. As I look back on it, it wasn't the smartest idea loading the kids up with a rich dessert right before bed, but it was memorable and that's what family night is all about, right??

And here is some other random news...
  • Mark preached on Sunday on the holiness of God. Not really a popular subject these days. Seems that the pendulum is always swinging either to an overwhelming emphasis on God's judgement and wrath (my kid years) or to the bright spotlight on his grace, love, and mercy to the exclusion of the other (now).
  • Monday was election day here in the province of Quebec. Here's an interesting article about the results The kids did not have school, so we had a nice hanging-out kind of day.
  • Mark and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on Tuesday. The only thing we did out of the ordinary to emphasize this day is that we watched The Pursuit of Happiness together after we put the kids to bed. And Mark brought me 3 gorgeous roses.
And speaking of is a picture ofJoel and the pudding experience that went awry. And this is where I end my ramblings. We love you all very much!!! xoxoxoxox